13 Projects for 2013

It's a new year! The perfect time to plan my projects for 2013. I'm sure I will not have any trouble coming up with these, I may actually have a hard time narrowing it down to thirteen.

1. Studio: I have a new studio space after we finished our basement this summer. The project for this year is to make it organized, functional and of course beautiful. I need a creative oasis.

2. Remodel the Master Bathroom: Our home is coming up on 12 years old. The bathroom is looking a bit dated with it's oak cabinets and shining brass. Updating the bathroom will include refinishing the cabinets, some re-tiling, new faucets and fixtures, a fresh coat of paint and some new trim work.

3. Painting: It has always been at the back of my mind to do more with my painting than hanging them on my walls. I would like to try to market and sell some of my paintings and see what the reception is. It's going to take a bit of courage on my part. It seems a bit like exposing a bit of myself which is always uncomfortable for me.

4. Blog: Look! A new blog for the new year and I actually plan on using it!

5. Cycling: I'm going to become a cyclist this year. I have always done some cycling with triathlon and duathlon but this year the focus is going to be on the cycling. I plan on getting out at least a few times each week and ending the season with a century ride.

6. Furniture makeover:  A have a beautiful secretary that was my parents. I would like to liven it up with a little paint. Now quite sure what color yet.

7. Loft: Another area in need of a makeover. Our upstairs loft could be so much cuter with some paint and organization.

8. New Designs for CnK: My jewelry line is in need of a little refreshing as well. I am ending the wholesale side of my jewelry line which will allow me to have more control of my time.

9. Photos: I really, really, really need to organize all of my photos.

10. Hair: I have really tried to like the lower maintenance brown but it just isn't happening. I'm going back to blonde.

11. Kids: Wow, they are busy! My job is to be their number one cheerleader.

12. Husband: The kids are all in school all day. There is no excuse for not getting in some lunch, or run, or cycling dates.

13. Twenty Seconds of Courage: I might be amazed at how much I can accomplish if I can just ignore the fear for 20 seconds at a time. Yes, that came from the movie 'We Bought a Zoo'.

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