Photo Fun

I love to play with photos but will readily admit I am not a photographer. I use the automatic function on my Nikon and often just use my phone. I want my photos to look artistic and original without having to have all the knowledge and know-how of using photoshop.
I have been playing with Camera Bag 2 and I am loving it. There are so may possibilities, adjustments and filters. It is super user-friendly and very cost effective. Here are just a small sample of some of the filters available.

This is the original of my three kids Chase, Natalie and Kaden. Taken with an iphone.
Below are a few of my favorite filters applied to the photo.


Black and Color

Bleach Bypass


Deep Magazine



Helga Alternate

Old Matte

Portrait III

This is a very small sample of what you can do. A free 30 day trial is available at Nevercenter.com. If you like it you can purchase it for $20 for both mac and pc.

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